Today, I’m going to show you how I helped a client turn around their failing sales funnel, and drive a return of over 100x on their monthly revenue. Want to see how? Read on.

One of my clients was making $2,500 in monthly revenue when we first met and was trying to build their business. Their biggest issue? Not getting enough traffic to their site, which directly contributed to low sales. This case is pretty common – the number one problem for most businesses is obscurity. If no one knows you exist, it’s pretty hard to buy from you!

The client believed in the power of Facebook ads (if you don’t, you may want to think again..), and so reached out to me for help. Before getting started building a funnel, you need to know who you’re selling to. So we built out the right avatar of their customer, using research to not just understand the demographic, but their intent base audience (what would these customers read, watch, listen to, etc). Using these insights, we were able to build our first funnel which could drive top of funnel traffic, in the form of prospected leads and cold audiences.

We also determined another problem: Facebook needed more data to work off of in order to build our own custom audiences. The ads couldn’t be retargeted effectively enough.

For this client, everything came back to a lack of traffic. Once we addressed the problem, we got to work building a solution.

The journey was a slow and steady one when we started working together. We began by adding different audiences based solely on the avatars we created. As traffic came in, we created new audiences and added different layers of retargeting.

There were a lot of people who visited the site and did not end up buying anything, so retargeting allowed us to re-engage the customer base when they were further along the sales funnel.

As traffic started coming in from our retargeting, the bottom of the funnel kicked in. These included visitors who were close to purchasing a product, and had added an item or more to their online shopping cart, but ultimately decided to abandon ship.

We targeted these people through “Dynamic Product Ads”, which promoted the products these potential customers had left in their shopping carts. The idea here is that they would see the value of what they were going to purchase and change their minds. And it worked.

At this point, we had a small machine working. In a matter of months, we turned the monthly revenue from $2.5k to nearly $20k. The sales were coming in nicely.

Now, it was time to scale.

It’s worth noting that with Facebook ads, this is the hardest part. There are two ways to scale: Vertically, by increasing your budget, or Horizontally by targeting new audiences. Neither of these approaches are “better”, it totally depends on your scenario. In this case, we opted for a combo of both.

As Facebook obtained more data, we were able to scale Horizontally and make more audiences. The most effective one? Lookalike audiences. The audiences we created included targeted people who had visited my client’s website. From this data, we also created lookalike audiences, which consisted of ideal customers who had similar attributes to current and former customers. We now had a solid base of potential customers who we could target effectively.

To scale Vertically, we increased the budgets of well-performing ads and ad sets as well as now even created new Top of Funnel audiences. At the same time, we “social proofed” the ads, meaning we showed them to people who like the brand to get engagement, then show that same ad to that top of funnel/cold audience. Because of the high number of likes and comments, the ads didn’t look like first-time ads. They already had engagement, which leads people to believe the product is already in high demand.

We then mixed in a lot of reviews to our ads to continue lending credibility to my client’s products. The critical factor underlying this is trust, which has become super important for buyers, hence the impact of influencers. Because most of these reviews were from our existing audience, they did not look like spam or an ad. The ad reviews created a snowball effect that ultimately led to more sales for my client. In fact, most of our ads were based off their organic posts, so they didn’t even look like an ad at all!

It was with these simple tweaks over time that my client’s business transformed. They started at a total monthly revenue of $2,500 per month, 6 months later that figure hit $100k, and then a year later they had reached $300,000 in revenue per month.

The process we went through together was intentional and step by step. I included my client in every part of the marketing so they understood that Facebook advertising isn’t just about “get rich quick” tactics. When done right and scaled patiently with a proven process, it could be a game changer. For the clients I worked with, that change came in the form of shipping out of their garage to move into a bigger office twice over, as they needed bigger and bigger spaces to fulfill demand. All in under a year.

JPORT Media is committed to this level of transparency, growth and success for all of its clients. Businesses now come to me to help them scale. So if you have a proven sales funnel and product that has sales, I want to help you scale and massively increase your revenue. Message me here on LinkedIn, or email me at