Surprisingly, I’ve been getting this question a lot from business leaders. They all run successful companies that have done ZERO social media. I’m talking about not even one post. These guys sit across the table from me and ask me if they now NEED to.

The answer is simple … No. You don’t NEED to do anything. Plenty of companies have become successful without posting on Instagram and Facebook. However, the flip side is if you’re doing $10M without it, could you be doing $12, $15, $20M with it? Are you leaving money on the table?
If you’re OK with that, then keep going as you are. You do you. That’s the most important thing. But also understanding the change in the way we do business and the change in the world. As long as you’re not staying still and staying comfortable then that’s OK. Those are the ones that get “disrupted” for refusing to adapt. Those are the companies who become dying breeds.

If you’re a small business looking to grow and compete… you better not be asking this question.