Great salespeople are magicians.

They generate revenue and build businesses out of nothing. At least it seems this way to most people.

Being proficient in sales is a skill like anything else that comes with building a company. The people who rock at sales have a lot of practice and have experienced tons of rejection.

Most people say they hate sales, either because they hate selling or being sold to. The truth is, no one likes sales. Good salespeople, however, know that they are not selling a product so much as the desired outcome. The product is merely a means to an end.

The other reality is that salespeople who love what they do have the pick of the litter. They believe in what they do and know that not everyone will become a client. They are not out to convince people to buy their product, but rather to find the right fit. “Some people will be better off if they use my product,” they think to themselves, “but not everyone.”

Great salespeople have powerful mindsets. They believe in what they do so much that there appears to be no shortage of clients. Because of this mindset, however, there is an abundance of clients for them, and they choose who is the best fit.

Your thoughts become your reality!