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Increased sales happen when you show potential customers how what your business offers is important and relevant. To stand out above all the noise, you’ll need digital marketing strategies that turn causal followers into engaged fans.

There are three smart marketing tactics that run on autopilot, and become one of the best ways to maximize your business’s resources. This guide will give you marketing strategies that help you grow your customer base and convert more sales.

Based on recent stats, it’s estimated that people will spend a collective 3.8 trillion hours using the mobile internet this year, rising to 4.5 trillion hours in 2021 (Statista, 2020).

The reason why businesses don’t build the way they envision is because they don’t have an audience online. And, I’m not talking about an organic audience on social media.

The organic reach of social media is low, and it’s always changing. One algorithm change causes business to scramble for new ways to increase sales.

The growth of a business happens through the full use of proven digital marketing strategies that go beyond organic posting.

More than four and a half billion people use the Internet every day. Add that to the 5.1 billion mobile users, and 196 million daily social media users. The stats tells us that e-commerce sales are expected to top 6.5 trillion dollars by 2023.

The numbers will continue to increase as more of the world accesses the Internet. This opportunity to reach more consumers is amazing, but so is the level of noice.

There are many businesses vying for the attention of your potential consumers. One scroll through social media will reveal a world full of clutter that’s keeping your consumer from seeing what you offer.

If you’re going to use proven marketing strategies that build your business, you’ll need a roadmap.

It’s not enough to just show up in their feed.

You’ll need clarity on where your potential clients are and the most effective ways to reach them. That’s what this website and my agency strive to do. We help your brand become omnipresent in your consumer’s mind.

You’re here to get the tools and practical training on digital marketing that builds your audience and increase sales. You came to the right place.

Hi, I'm Jason.

Before creating magic for other brands, I launched True Rivalry in 2012.

I leveraged social media and digital marketing to grow True Rivalry into a presence in over 250 retail stores across North America, with celebrity fans and appearances on TV shows and movies.

I know digital marketing and I’m passionate about helping businesses get results. I’m an award-winning digital marketing agency owner.

Proven marketing is the backbone of your business. I believe businesses need the best. With a strong commitment to customer service, world-class media buyers and marketers — and an emphasis on FULL transparency — I can work with for all of your online needs.


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